Kaptivating Technology (the Company) is a fast-growing enterprise, harnessing the power of data and automation within the landscape of social media to detect interests, desires and needs, and channels this moment to moment, day to day activity into commercial or political action.

Formed in 2012 to develop data automation technologies and mission critical applications by entrepreneur Michael Palmer, the company has attracted some of the brightest minds in the space of data and machine learning. Working with data scientists from the School of Data Science at the University of Southern California, Kaptivating Technology is now beta testing proprietary technology applications with leading universities and a growing number of political advocacy campaigns.

This ability to channel social media interests into action is transforming the world of political advocacy, educational recruitment, and consumer marketing by matching in real time products, services, or supporting information to voters, consumers and policy leaders. Kaptivating Technology is in the middle of this dynamic and rapidly growing market with an initial strong foothold in political action campaigns and educational recruitment.

The Company is headquartered in West Los Angeles with a development office in Orange County.